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(240 Pages) eighteen by alberto ramos, is a journey of growth and becoming and it's divided into three parts. each part deals with a different stage, represented as the different cycles of the metamorphosis of a butterfly, and illustrated by the author. the ending as the larva, deals with abuse, homophobia, loss, bullying and suicide. the transition as the cocoon, explores self-discovery, healing, grieving, forgiveness, life and death. the beginning as the butterfly, is a celebration of one self and of the existing beauty in this world. it exudes love and power. joy and hope after the misery. alberto ramos was just fifteen when he moved from his hometown málaga spain to stockholm sweden and left his family and friends behind to join his bestfriend on their long-awaited international high school experience. little did he know what he thought would be the beginning was nothing but endings. eighteen is the journey since the ending until the beginning.
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  • Gay
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MLCS 2021/41426 (P)
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Alberto Ramos

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