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Image Alone in the Trenches: My Life as a Gay Man in the NFL
(281 Pages) A memoir by the ex-NFL football player offers a portrait of his life as a gay man, recounting his painful childhood, his fear of exposure while playing in the NFL, the strength he found in Christianity, and his decision to come out publicly.
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Image Martina: The Lives and Times of Martina Navratilova
(227 Pages) Profiles the personal and professional life of the tennis champion who defected from Czechoslovakia in 1975, and discusses her contributions to women's professional tennis
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Image Sportsdykes: Stories from on and Off the Field
(239 Pages) The thirty pieces in this collection examine the politics and culture of women's sports while exploring the empowerment--and often, the eroticism--discovered by many lesbians within that world.
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Image The Queerest Places: A National Guide to Gay and Lesbian Historic Sites
A lively, anecdotal history of America's gay and lesbian history, organized by five major regions of the U.S., lists and describes a host of famous sites, including major sites associated with the gay and lesbian liberation movement, and profiles such famous figures as Bayard Rustin, James Baldwin, and others.
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